Graphic Designer Needed: CUTV Visual Identity

Date: November 23, 2020

Time: 12pm

CUTV is looking for a graphic designer to update its visual identity! Please pass this along to any designers experienced in typography and logo design who might be interested.

About CUTV

Founded in 1969, Community University Television (CUTV), based at Concordia University in Montreal, is the oldest campus-based TV station in Canada. It has over 1000 active members, and provides support, training and equipment to independent video producers, both on and off campus. 

The station also has a mandate to provide independent grassroots coverage of underrepresented communities, movements and social issues in Montreal. To help that mandate move forward, the station is seeking to update its logo, colour scheme, and font choice.


We’re interested in conveying the energy and possibility we feel about creating media that amplifies and empowers movements for social and economic justice. Our new visual identity should maintain some continuity with the past, but communicate that the station is taking a new approach that will meet the needs of 2020.

Past visual identities

CUTV has maintained the same logo typography for over a decade, but the visual elements around it have changed from three dots (red green blue — circa 2011) to a clenched fist holding a camera (circa 2012), to the old fashioned TV (circa 2018, see our current web site).

We’re not attached to any of it, but we’d like to build on the strength of the block lettering typography that survived several iterations of the station.

Target Audience

We’re interested in reaching Concordia students, a category which includes youth from many backgrounds, but also many mature students. Equally, we want to reach grassroots and community activists in neighbourhoods all over Montreal.


Ideally, we’d like to have the basic design finalized by December 15, 2020, and the final product delivered by Jan 5, 2021.


We’re looking for proposals that cover:

  • Style guide including logo, colours, design elements, font choice
  • Web site front page and one generic page
  • Sample printed material layout
  • Guidelines and keyframes for a video bumper


CUTV has up to $2500 to spend on its visual identity revamp.

Submit a proposal

To be considered for this project, please prepare a short (<150 words) statement outlining your approach and your experience. Please also include a portfolio (a link is fine) that specifically includes typographical work and logo design, along with any other work.

The above can be send in the body of an email to