How to Destroy America in 240 Characters, with Rob Rousseau

Date: October 20, 2020

Time: 7pm


Sh*tposting 101 with Rob Rousseau

Join writer and podcaster Rob Rousseau for a conversation about the bizarro world of online media. Rob will discuss his work on Twitter and live-streaming platform Twitch, and share stories about his surreal journey from a depressed failed musician to social media-obsessed news junkie, to pro-wrestling journalist, to notorious internet prankster, to a (somewhat) respected and (relatively) influential political commentator.

Rob Rousseau hosts and produces the Canadian politics podcast 49th Parahell, and is the co-host and producer of The Insurgents, which focuses on the United States. His writing has appeared in VICE, Passage, Paste Magazine, and elsewhere. He lives in Montreal with his family. Find him on twitter: @robrousseau

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