How to launch a Podcast

Date: November 11, 2020

Time: 6pm


How to Launch a Podcast: the Essential 101 Workshop

A fun and accessible introductory level workshop for podcast-making. Learn all the fundamentals of how to launch a successful show from start to finish!
Workshop goals: Passion, motivation, and finding your best idea; what’s the show you want to make?!
* Beginning the creative process: imagining and planning your show
* Capturing audio: the basics of mics and sound recording
* Improv vs. Scripting: preparing for interviews and conversations
* What is Chase Production?
* An introduction to audio editing
* Adding texture and context: choosing the right music/found sound/archival audio for your show
* Which hosting platform is right for you?
* How to release on iTunes/GooglePlay/Spotify and others
* Traps, troubleshooting, and potential pitfalls: what to watch out for

Katia Gaid is an independent journalist, the host of Spacing Magazine’s ‘Face au Futur/The Future Fix’, and an editor with Ricochet Media.

Andre Goulet is a podcast producer, the host of ‘Unpacking the News’ and ‘The Korea File,’ and the Executive Director of the Harbinger Media Network.

This workshop is open to members of CUTV. Concordia students can become members for free. For non-Concordia students, it’s just $20 to sign up – and besides workshops, there are tons of benefits. Visit to sign up for membership.